Inspired by Muru Jewellery’s travels throughout Europe and Asia, the collection features some of the most iconic female figures from ancient history.

Whether you are looking to inspire love, prosperity, protection or female empowerment, these intricate coin necklaces make a thoughtful gift or an inspirational treat for yourself.

Hand crafted in sterling silver or gold vermeil, each meaningful necklace is available in plain or bead chain options. All of their necklaces are interchangeable and collectible and come in a variety of chain lengths… giving you endless layering options!

For the first time, they have used an innovative new process to achieve an aged look to each coin. Each pendant is very lightly sand blasted to give a weathered texture and the feel of an old coin.

The jewellery collection is all about the meaning, so each coin necklace comes complete with a talisman card that reveals the unique symbolism behind each inspirational Goddess.


Aphrodite – Talisman for Love

Aphrodite is the ancient Greek goddess of love. Revered for her beauty, Aphrodite represents good fortune & passion for life.

Athena – Talisman for Female Empowerment

Athena was one of the most loved goddesses of ancient Greek mythology. She fought for justice & possessed great wisdom & courage.

Venus – Talisman for Love

Venus was the Roman goddess of love. She represents beauty & brought good fortune, love & prosperity to all those around her.

Tanit – Talisman for Life

The goddess Tanit is regarded as the mother goddess. She was worshipped throughout the Mediterranean region as a symbol of fertility & life.

Durga – Talisman for Protection

Durga is a Hindu Goddess that represents the power of good. Durga, which means “invincible”, uses her many hands to forcibly protect peace & prosperity.

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