The winter is in and we all generally tend to be more lazy in the darker and colder months. So I thought I’d introduce you to a range to help you on your path to be a more healthier you. The range from Femme Nutrition has everything to help you to achieve your goals whether it’s weight loss, added protein, vitamins or a healthier body. Femme Nutrition has you covered and is designed  especially for us ladies.



Here’s a little insight into Femme Nutrition,  Pink label whey is to facilitate your gains, Femme Shape is to maintain good health, Femme Omega to help maintain or improve cardiovascular health and Femme CLA to help support your toning or fat loss.


loose weight

I do feel in order to get the best results be it a light evening walk to 30/45 minutes in the gym, I personally recommend you should have an exercise plan while taking supplements and of course a healthy balanced diet is a must (with the odd cheat day).

You can find all the products on their website ROS Nutrition




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