Garmin recently launched the Vivoactive3 Music and held a event in FLYEfit CHQ  where we got to try out the amazing Vivoactive3 Music smartwatch and train alongside Dame Kelly Holmes one of the Ambassadors of Garmin SmartWatches, the training class was thought by the very talented Robert Byrnes. 

So here’s the low down on Vivoactive 3 Music, this was a first for me as I only started getting into exercise lately and was completely new to Garmin they kindly set us up with the smartwatch to test out. The smart watch is packed full of features, it can be used for so many sports such as cardio, golf, yoga and so much more, if I was to be exact it has more than 15 preloaded sports apps.

The Vivoactive3 Music is a fun packed smartwatch with music storage and playback, you can download 500 tracks to get you on the move for a jog or walk, whatever takes you fancy the sky’s the limit with this smartwatch. It also has a really cool app giving you a contactless payment option, so if you forget your wallet you can easily pay for a coffee with your Vivoactive3 Music!

After our exercise class we got to check out how many calories we burned which to me is really important to track as much as possible. This chic smartwatch has a 7 day battery life and also watches your stress levels and helps you regulate it through breathing exercises.

The Vivoactive3 Music watch retails at €338.00 and you can purchase here and if register your smartwatch you get an exclusive 50% discount code with Skull Candy.

P.S none of my links are affiliated I just enjoy helping and guiding people through my experience.


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