Five Cosmetic Procedures You Will Love in 2018

Over the past several years, the cosmetic industry has been gaining more and more popularity due to social media and their effect on people’s concept of beauty. Aesthetic enhancements and cosmetic treatments have become a popular solution for individuals who wish to achieve a perfect body image, especially in Australia and the USA. This has led to numerous new treatments and procedures coming to the forefront, promoting non-invasiveness and subtlety as their primary characteristics. In 2018, the cosmetic industry will continue to enjoy its rising popularity, with new trends and aesthetic procedures finding their way under the spotlight.

Botox and facial lifts


The perfect skin is a dream of many and, owing to advanced facial treatments, this dream can become their reality. Facelifts are one of the effective procedure for mitigating the signs of aging, giving the skin a youthful glow. This procedure entails tightening the loose skin and removing excess fat, leaving little scarring due to technological advancements.
Botox is another cosmetic procedure that has been enjoying popularity for years. It’s a non-surgical approach that prevents muscle contraction and results in smoother, more youthful skin. What makes Botox so popular is its non-invasiveness and easiness as it takes little time to be injected. In 2018, “Micro-Botox” is coming to the forefront as an easy procedure that can smooth the skin, reduce oil production and decrease pore size. During this procedure, microfiller injections are applied with the aim of stimulating collagen production for a long-term effect.

Effortless, brief procedures

More and more individuals are opting for a cosmetic procedure as a way to attain their perfect body image. However, fewer and fewer of them are choosing time-consuming surgical procedures and are turning to brief non-surgical variants. This has led to the development of easily performed techniques that can be applied during one’s lunch break. These include injectable liquid facelifts, innovative treading techniques and injectable rhinoplasty that start showing results after a short period of time. Not only are these procedures time-saving, but they are also more affordable in general and a much better solution for minor deformities, such as a nose imperfection due to a minor trauma. However, despite their briefness, these procedures still offer amazing results.

Lip and cheek fillers

lip fillers

Facial enhancements are gaining new momentum, with cheek and lip fillers seeing an increase of 25 percent. An increased number of people are consulting the experts about different forms of dermal procedures, such as lip or cheek fillers.  Social media has contributed to the popularity of these cosmetic procedures, inspiring individuals to enhance their facial features. For example, if you are interested to find out if some of these non-invasive procedures are right for you, you can find frequently asked questions on Medisculpt clinic’s site. Cheek and lip fillers have seen such a significant rise due to Snapchat-inspired looks. Nowadays, individuals all over the world, especially in Australia where the cosmetic industry is booming, opt for these facial enhancements in pursuit of big, pouty lips and fuller cheeks.



Going under the knife is no longer a sole solution for those persistent love handles and belly fat. Owing to advanced technology, new, non-invasive procedures have found their place under the spotlight and coolsculpting is one of them. Coolsculpting is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction and a non-invasive technique of body sculpting. This state-of-the-art technology is used to eliminate stubborn fat in the abdominal area, on the back and other parts of the body. This approach is conducted through the use of ground-breaking coolsculpting applicators. Once an hour-long procedure can now be completed in 30 minutes without compromising final results. In fact, due to tech improvements, this procedure can destroy up to 50 percent more fat cells than old techniques. In Australia, dualsculpting treatment is a popular variant of coolsculpting during which two machines are used simultaneously on different body areas.

Medical treatments with a cosmetic twist

Not so long ago, Botox was used in medicinal purposes, but it eventually gained a cosmetic dimension. Namely, this procedure was once a treatment for eye flickering, a condition known as Myokymia. However, it eventually found a new application in the cosmetic industry. Similarly, in 2018, other medical procedures will be used for cosmetic purposes. For example, the injection of chewing muscles is typically used to prevent teeth grinding and decrease the swelling that causes a rather masculine-looking jawline. However, this has become a popular cosmetic technique for achieving a slimmer, more feminine face that many people want.

In 2018, the cosmetic industry will continue to gain popularity, with more innovative treatments seeing the light of day and some old ones gaining a new dimension.



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