Monika’s journey to the stage

Monika’s Journey to the Stage

” It honestly has turned my life around “


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Photo by Eliza Kocur

 Why did you decide to partake in the competition?
It was one of these New Years resolutions. I was burned out as a fitness instructor and badly needed some changes in my personal life as well as in lifestyle. Luckily at that moment in my life I happened to meet an amazing coach who I agreed to work with; I wanted to do it right. At that time I didn’t think about competing, well, not very seriously. It was just too far but I committed myself to a new training and eating plan.

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Photo by Eliza Kocur

Tell us what the preparation leading up to the competition was like? Food, exercise regime.
The first few months were quite easy. I ate plenty of healthy food that I love. The training was also not too challenging for me as I was always very fit and strong. I was very dedicated, all my food was prepared for 2 days in advance; I couldn’t forget or skip meal. Closer to the competition my diet and training regime was changed and it became more and more strict.

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Photo by Eliza Kocur

Were there times you felt like quitting altogether? What made you keep going?
There were times when I missed my party lifestyle, some foods and treats, but in general I never wanted to quit. Firstly, I was surrounded by people who believed completely in me and gave me all the support I needed. Secondly, I had a great trainer who I trusted. Thirdly, once I started seeing results there was no turning back.

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Photo by Eliza Kocur

How many girls partook in the competition?
I think in the Mr Cork competition there were over 80 contestants from different categories both men and women. There were possibly around 20 – 25 in the bikini category.

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Photo by Eliza Kocur

What was the most challenging part for you in all of this?
Explaining to people why I can’t eat and apple even though it’s healthy. No, but seriously, the hardest part was the last month. As a fitness instructor I actively teach many classes. At that stage my diet was very strict and burning extra calories was actually working against my prep regime. I had no energy some days to teach classes, do personal training and my own training. But of course the last week before the competition was a bit extreme.

fitness competition
Photo by Eliza Kocur

Where was the competition held and who organised it?
The Mr Cork competition is a yearly event . This year happened to be in the UCC main campus.

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