first date style

First Date STYLE


Let’s give some advice on first date style or what to wear


I guess it depends if you’ve already met; have you already done the whole pub or nightclub snog or dare I stay slept over on the night you met, but regardless of this, if and when you meet again this is considered the first date. It may be a movie – but I hope not. Dinner? That’s good – or maybe just meeting up for a few sociable drinks.

In terms of what to wear there are so many “rules” that it can be hard to decide at all what to put on but in the end, it’s all about what makes you feel like the best version of yourself., so here are some tried and tested tips that are applicable for most women in a first date scenario.

So first things first.

Don’t dress for the wrong type of date.


Obviously you think to yourself ‘I want to look amazing’ but that does not mean rocking up to the cinema or laid back pub in your favourite LBD. This simply will not work. You’re going to look out of place which will make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, dress for whatever it is you’re doing. Wear something that makes you feel great yet at ease and somewhat comfortable.

First Date STYLE

First dates can be uncomfortable enough so DO NOT wear something that makes you feel like you have to suck it in or adjust yourself. Wearing an outfit that you know is too tight, when you could be wearing something that you feel good in, not only will you look better, but you’ll also feel more at ease. We all have wardrobe malfunctions from time to time but doing the boob scoop at the table is not a good look, excuse yourself to readjust in the restroom.

First Date STYLE

You don’t want what you’re wearing to detract from what you are saying and an example of this would be wearing so much lipstick that it comes off all over your teeth or your body glitter starts to decorate the dinner table. Find a good balance. Don’t overdo it, but don’t under do it either. You want to look like you’ve put in good effort for the date from top to toe. Remember, your date will spend most of the time looking at your face so don’t let it be a distraction in a bad way.

First Date STYLE

In summing up… LBD first date is a NO but if its dinner in a nice restaurant, a dress is a YES; something that is flattering on your figure and accentuates your best assets, legs, boobs, bum whatever just don’t let them see it all at once. Leaving things to the imagination is always a good thing (unfortunately this is a dying ember so please don’t contribute to it ladies). Remember “Be an Audrey in a world full of Kardashions”.

First Date STYLE

If you are not a fan of dresses go pretty neutral, something like skinny faux leather leggings or pants with a white blouse, some statement jewellery and a killer pair of heels – all of which are so perfect for a dinner date (ones you can walk in, the Bambi effect is not a good look)


If it’s the cinema or a cosy pub my advice and outfit of choice is simple – skinny jeans, plain white T and neutral heel for the pub but flat pump for the cinema.

First Date STYLE

Now here’s the clincher on this one, white T but a dark lace bra underneath (this advice comes straight from Vogues style editor and she’s not wrong), so the lace trim can only be seen through the t shirt. It must be lace to have the desired effect. Your date will be putty in your hands.

Here are some looks to get you started!


If you need any further advice you can get me at Head Over Killer Heels.


Good luck Ladies…. You’re already amazing!!


by Melissa Fitzgerald




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