Fashion Movements
Fashion Movements

Fashion Movements Through Time | Ondine 

We begin our journey from the previous article (Fashion Education: An Introduction) by discussing some key social events throughout history that have invariably shaped the way we dress. It’s important to understand the link between social history and fashion in order to truly appreciate the intimate interconnections between them and therefore understand how certain styles came to be.

Fashion Movements
Space Age Fashion 1960s

Fashion movements refer to the styles of clothing worn by their respective members. However, they also reflect influences such as the movement’s relationship with the current culture, the musicians of that time or artists who promote and wear the movement’s “look”. The politico-economic circumstances are also a big factor that come into play. In other words what is happening in the here and now affects how we dress.

Fashion Movements Through Time

Many fashion movement terms are frequently used to identify a decade, or a generation, most notably after 1900. These terms reveal fashion’s importance to human society as movements have been established out of social disaffection and political protest for example. Equally many have also been driven by the avant-garde aesthetic programs of artists, propagandists or the runway designs of haute-couture designers and design houses.

Movements sometimes arise as much from the disenfranchised or poorer members of society as much as an elite with their eccentricities, while the youth have been hugely influential in creating fashion movements which are later adapted fed up the social chain to bourgeois/aristocratic clients. While some movements are associated with novelty, folly and invention, others overthrow existing historically established styles or propose new ways of thinking about and creating fashion.  There are also anti-fashion movements that haute couture has nearly always struggled to incorporate into its economic model, with very little success. Finally, some movements can be described as a more timeless or classic approach in dressing by which connoisseurs of fashion attempt to live their lives in never ending style.




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