goose studios

Goose Studios is a sustainable fashion brand that has been promoting their mantra of ‘Good Times, Organically Sourced’ since 2016. 

Offering 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton styles for women and men, Goose Studios offer laid back t-shirts and sweatshirts that are built to last.

Founded by Sam Taylor and Rich Smith after both having read the Patagonia business bible ‘Let My People Go Surfing‘, Goose Studios was a response to being unable to afford increasingly expensive sustainable fashion.

Sam: “As believers that fashion shouldn’t cost the Earth, myself and Rich set out to make a sustainable fashion brand that offered quality, organic wardrobe essentials that we could actually afford.”

Rich: “We wanted to be part of a more uplifting sustainability movement. Celebrating that we can all live a better, happier and more fun life by making sustainable choices in our day to day lives. Starting with our wardrobes!”

From 100% organic fabrics to plastic free packaging and water based printing dyes, the Goose Studios range starts at £15 for organic cotton t-shirts and £34 for organic cotton sweatshirts.

Goose Studios also uphold the highest ethical standards of manufacture, with their supply chain being leading members of the Fair Wear Foundation. Ensuring the development of garment worker rights and conditions alongside regular third party auditing.

As part of Goose Studios ongoing ethical and sustainable development, 2019 has seen Goose Studios became PETA-approved Vegan and they are currently undergoing a project to become Made In Britain for 2020.


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