Whether you’re enjoying the sweet summer vibes in Europe and the US, hoping to see the end of the pandemic soon enough, or you’re welcoming the fresh feel of the colder season in Australia – your feet are in for a treat. Fashion designers from all over the globe, existing brands doing their best to be more responsible and sustainable, and new collections are everywhere. Although often treated as accessories, shoes are your finest allies in completing your outfit – even in lockdown!

The runways have been very generous in the past few months, and we can only expect more from store shelves in the weeks to come. This is the perfect moment to replenish your shoe shelves at home, so let’s dig right in and discover some of the most notable trends that will take over the globe.

Mindful and unisex

Following in the footsteps of similarly innovative fashion brands on the lookout for new ways to evolve, Good News partnering with H&M is another indicator of where the world is going in terms of footwear. You want to put your best foot forward, too? As stigma is rapidly being removed from the authenticity of human existence and how we identify, fashion follows suit to provide the right shoes for the occasion. 

Unisex, but wonderfully authentic, this and other brands are turning to mindful materials coming from Mother Nature to come up with comfortable and durable shoes. Wonderful for any event, formal or otherwise, such shoes will certainly outpace all other players who are too late to the game of sustainability. When it’s time to buy your next pair, look at what you can find with your values reflected every step of the way.

Comfort prevails

Some countries are well-known for their ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Take Aussies as the perfect example. The effortless beachy waves, no-makeup looks, low-maintenance cocktail attire, it all indicates their expertise at being stylish with little to no fuss. In the footwear department, you’ll find that the most elegant ladies’ shoes in Australia are now leaning towards comfort mixed with the right aesthetics. 

The ankle bootie is back on its pedestal of popularity, while loafers are regaining their desirability in the circle of businesswomen. Down Under, women know how to protect their sense of wellbeing and put their comfort first, without compromising style. 

Flip-flops with a fancy twist

Another Australia’s favorite shoe, the flip flop has always been an iconic beach choice everywhere. Can you imagine it in a classy setting, though? Apparently, fashion and footwear designers can, and they have. What that means is that the world is now officially richer by another hybrid trend, the flip flop with a fancy twist.

Chunky for a little bit of height, leather for a sense of style, or sandal-like for more sophistication, flip flops will be the perfect combination of comfort and elegance. Even though it might be a tad daring for many people, this is a good opportunity to expand your horizons. 

Pastels are all the rage

In addition to greater fashion sustainability taking over the world by storm, another ever-present trend has once again emerged as a popular one for shoes. Pastels are far from a new color trend, and they’ve always been considered a timeless option for those who aren’t too eager on crazy neon hues or unorthodox color-matching. 

This year, however, pastels are stepping in as a form of diversification. Look for lavender, skin-tone nude, lime yellow, sky blue, and almond for a way to brighten up your day and bring a touch of softness to a sharp suit combo.

After a year of not going anywhere and getting used to an entirely different dress code even for virtual meetings, you must be craving for a few novelties in your repertoire, at least when it comes to your shoes. You want to stay comfortable, but buy with your budget in mind to make the most of your investment, and still retain the level of coziness you’ve managed to build up over the course of these past few months.

You’re in luck, because these footwear trends indicate just that – a blend of comfort and style that will keep your feet happy for a long time. 


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