It is the ‘Ohhh my Holy Sh…What am I going to wear?’ event of the season. The only time of the year your colleagues get to see you all dressed up to the nines, unless of course you work for Vogue or The House of DVF with your hair stylist and MUA at your door first thing in the morning (We can but dream!) – seriously though, I think we all put quite an amount of time into what we wear for this once a year occasion – or is that just me!?


The first thing that springs to mind is the little black dress.


We all have one hanging in the closet. The ‘carry me anywhere’ dress, day to night with the flick of a heel and a statement piece of jewellery. It works but it’s nice to change things up sometimes. Step outside your style comfort zone for a brief moment and you may even be surprised how gorgeous you look when stealing away from the traditional LBD


Let’s back up a bit before we make any rash decisions and end up making the fashion disaster of the year instead of being the party’s best dressed lady. Let’s consider first off what kind of party it is…


‘Ohhh my Holy Sh…What am I going to wear?’
If the party takes place during the daytime, you can dress less formal than during an evening event BUT DO DRESS UP. It is Christmas and Christmas is a special and most of the time an elegant celebration (for the most part of the evening anyway). For a daytime event you can wear dresses and skirts in thicker fabrics like wool, with maybe a cute lace blouse, blazer or cardigan. During the evening go for a chic cocktail dress. Lace is my go-to fabric for a seasonal piece. It’s elegant and stylish. If you are not a dress kind of girl and prefer something more casual, but still want to look the part, you can wear a little sparkly or fringed skirt with a more casual top and totally avoid the fear of being overdressed. Half dressing is big this year and will be next year also. Pop on a cute/pretty lace skirt rock it with a plain white T and a leather must-have jacket and there you have it – “fashionably sensitive but too cool to care”


Here are some looks to get you started:


by Melissa Fitzgerald

Head Over Killer Heels



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