best hairdryer

Do We Have The Best Hairdryer?

best hairdryer

VALERA Power4Ever is an iconic brand serving the industry for over 60 years, Valera Power4Ever is designed to stand the test of time, after trying and going through eleven hairdryers over 15 years, I’ve finally come to say “This is the BEST to date” I know a good dryer when I see one and lets be honest the engineering behind this hairdryer is on a different level to the standard hairdryers & professional ones.

It’s a little bit pricey but a 100% worth it, I don t think I’ll ever go back to using a standard (ac motor ) It’s pure quality at it’s finest it’s extremely fast, it cuts blow drying time by half and the proof is in the engineering, I was so surprised how fast it was.


For those intrigued behind the engineering on Valera Power4Ever it’s environmentally more friendly than most dryers with it’s Enduro Brushless BLDE Motor meaning it doesn’t cause environmental pollution through carbon dust emissions, it dry’s the hair 50% quicker (I knew I was right)  & has 10,000 hours  (5 times longer than the standard ac motor most people are used too). In combination with it’s smart air flow technology, which optimizes internal air flow & guarantees maximum performance with minimum noise level, Swiss Power4Ever pulled out all the stops with it’s exclusive Roto Cord which is a swivel device preventing tangles and also has the Touch Me device which means the nozzle stays cool at all times.


best hairdryer

This was a dream to use an extremely light hairdryer with three heat settings, two power settings and a cool shot button. One of the smaller details but still as important to Power4ever is it comes with two nozzles, one diffuser and and a duster bag to keep it safe.

Priced at €199.90 on


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