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DJ Vanotek – the man behind the underground music

Organised by E-Koncept, at their launch of EYES COFFEE, the newest trend in Ireland, 3rd December saw The Wright Venue in Swords packed with a huge crowd which came to support and dance their shoes of on tracks from international artists DJ Vanotek and Inna.

We met with DJ Vanotek behind the scene for an EXCLUSIVE interview.

dj vanotek

Born in Moldova but living in Romania for the last 20 years, DJ Vanotek is mixing his way to the top of the charts.


Where did you study music?

I studied music from the 2nd grade; the first 3 years in Moldova, then I studied accordion at The Arts High School Octav Bancila.


When did you start composing and what genre?

I started composing at the age of 17 in my dorm.  After 3 years I moved to Bucharest. At beginning I was composing chill out music. The first commercial album I made was for a band called Studio One, from which Sasha Lopez was a part of.

 dj vanotek

Tell us about your music and what it represents.

Its a bit complicated. I was always struggling inside in combining the music I love with the present trend. But I just love underground music. And this defines me. I am doing my best to be different than everything that’s out there currently; the songs you hear at the radio, in shops, in the metro.


Your first track ?

My first track, an international success I composed for Tom Boxer, A Beautiful Day.

 dj vanotek

Most memorable collaborations as an artist.

My first track was with Yanka – My Heart is Gone, the second one was with The Code and Georgian, Georgian being the voice of I’m Coming Home, and this I can tell is the most memorable collaboration, then with Hevito, from Puerto Rico, and the last two hits I launched are with Minelli.

dj vanotek 

When can we expect an album from you?

In March Im going to launch my first album, which I hope will be an international success.


What is your ultimate goal as an artist?

I want to be out there, to be known, I want to have sold out shows, and my dream is to perform in front of a crowd of 50.000 people

I would like to thank the organizers for the invitation and looking forward to go back to Dublin. I loved the public and I hope they enjoyed my tracks – VANOTEK


Photos by Ioan Hiliuta


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