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Desiree Jones

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My name is Desiree’ Jones and I am an American Model and Actress from the South. For the past two years I have been pursuing a career in the modeling and film industry.  I am a published model and have appeared in local and national commercials and films.  One of my goals as a model above a size 4 is to promote self -acceptance at whatever size you are whether it’s a  4, 14, or 24, being healthy and loving yourself should be the goal. While not everyone has been open to my curves or type, I have met so many people in the industry along the way photographers, models, actors, make- up artists, who have been accepting and encouraging and I just want to keep that going. One thing I would love to do is be a part of a Native American film, I am Choctaw Indian, Irish, French Canadian, Swiss, and German, there aren’t many opportunities in this area and I want to really embrace all aspects of my heritage.  I want to thank everyone I have worked with and everyone who has supported me and give special thanks to Vanessa Griffin of Photography by Ness who has collaborated with me on so many projects including this one. I am currently working as a free agent and looking for representation.

desiree jones desiree jones desiree jones desiree jones desiree jones desiree jones


Model: Desiree’ Jones

HMUA: Desiree’ Jones

Photographer: Vanessa Griffin of Photography by Ness


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