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The secret for comfort is out and best of all it you won’t compromise your style. Alley Ballet is a brand created by Ruth Bonner a lady that knows a of lot about shoes and if you try them you’ll understand why.

We all love dolly shoes or ballet shoes as their more know by, but do we really know how bad they’re for us?

Ballet style shoes can be seriously damaging to the feet, knees, hips and back and here’s the worst bit it may lead to arthritis experts have warned. So what do we do? Most hidden wedge flats cost a small fortune.

Alley Ballet have a vast selection of gorgeous velvet ballet flats with a slight hidden wedge in an array of colours and a seriously stylish leopard print. They come in a selection of standard sizes and narrow sizes the choice is completely up to your needs. I’m a normal size 6 and the standard six was just perfect.

These ballet shoes will give your feet a new lease of life with it’s hidden 1.75cm wedge, lifting your feet every so slightly and giving your feet relief from flat-foot and who says they never want a bit of extra height! Know one will ever know your secret unless you tell them and your feet will be so much happier!

Priced at £32.00 working out at roughly €37.00 on Alley Ballet


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