Crimp hair was a huge trend back in the 80’s and we recently seen it creeping back in with many Celebrities sporting the trend such as Gigi Hadid, Beyoncé and Tyra Banks, But how do you crimp? How do you make it cool? I have all the answers and tips to give you the easiest and unique way to make it fresh!


So a good crimper is really important to start with, the hair has to be fully dry but it doesn’t necessarily need to be smooth before using the Valera Hair Crimper but always and I stress always use a Heat Protector no matter whether your doing curls, sleek or a crimp you need to protect the hair you’ve taken time to grow!

When crimping hair you can crimp the whole hair or section off small areas you want to give a zig-zag effect and when using the crimper try out a few hair grips from Primark to make your life easier and give you an fuss-free application while prepping the hair.

When finished achieving your look style with Batiste Hair Spray  & Moroccanoil Shine Spray and Ladies that’s how you create glamourous unique hairstyle.

The Valera Hair Crimper is the Roll Royce of Crimpers and is only €62.90 purchase here.


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