Sensationail will take you from the salon and give you comfort in your home in your own space you can easily create Salon worthy nails taking the ease out it and allowing you to never have a bad nail day! These Starter kits are unstoppable and give you the perfect Shellac Nail, who wants chips? You certainly won’t have that problem with Sensationail.

To use the kit is very self explanatory and fairly easy to use, to understand how to use it I have a few guidelines to achieve the perfect Gel nails;


  • File and lightly buff the natural nail, Using the lint-free wipe, clean nails with GEL CLEANSER
  • Apply one layer of GEL PRIMER to the nail and air dry



  • Apply a thin layer of the GEL BASE & TOP COAT (Avoid skin and cuticle)
  • Cap the nail by running the polish brush along the nail tip. Cure for 15 seconds. Remove hard from lamp once it blinks.
  • Apply a thin layer of the COLOUR GEL POLISH (Avoid skin and cuticle) Cap nail. Cure for 30 seconds. Apply a layer of COLOUR GEL POLISH. Cure for 30 seconds.
  • Apply a thin layer of the GEL BASE & TOP COAT. Avoid the skin and cuticle. Cap nail and cure for 15 seconds. Remove hand from the lamp once it blinks.
  • Finish by removing the moisture layer using the GEL CLEANSER and lint-free wipes.



  • Soak Nails in acetone and use a nail file to file off.


  • Purchase the FOIL WRAP REMOVAL, which is much easier for beginners and kinder on the nails.

You can purchase online here and it retails at €69.99 and is also available in selected Boots Stores.


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