Noughty Haircare is a 97% natural haircare range, a playful, fun brand that packs a punch with a range of haircare products to make your hair look and smell amazing. Noughty Hair Care  products are also totally free from parabens, silicones, SLS and petrochemicals and are vegan, vegetarian and of course they don’t test on Bambi, Skippy or Lassie.

Ignite a colour explosion, Colour Bomb shampoo will help protect your colour treated hair from fade and enhance any chosen shade. Packed with antioxidant-rich green rooibos and sunflower oil. Let your true colour shine. They currently have a third off on Noughty Hair Care and they’re available in local Pharmacies.

Colour Bomb matching conditioner is packed full of goodness with ingredients such as rooibos and baobab. Shine like a goddess and make your crown proud.

You can pick up both products on Noughty Hair Care  or in your local Pharmacy.


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