Why Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Cream didn’t convinced me!

Why Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Cream didn’t convinced me!

Product Review

clinique eye cream
Clinique anti gravity eye cream

Texture: It is almost like a Vaseline type texture but even more solid. Too solid for an eye cream.

Application: After rubbing it between my fingers for a while to soften and make it smoother, it was ok. I had to dab it on otherwise I would have been pulling at my skin.

Smell: It doesn’t really have a strong smell, so I found it fine.

Results: I’ve noticed a definite improvement on puffiness and fine lines around my eyes. I am lucky enough not to have dark circles so I wasn’t looking for improvement here. Overall my eyes just look so much better.

Would you buy and recommend? I definitely liked the results but not the actual product. As a huge fan of eye creams, I believe this result could be achieved by other eye creams/serums that are easier to get out of the pot and apply. That said, I am a fan of Clinique products and have bought and used many, but I wouldn’t buy or recommend this eye cream because I found the consistency too thick which made it difficult to apply eye make-up afterwards.

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