Say goodbye to your face wipes forever and replace them with the award-winning sell out reusable microfibre mitt for all ages, all skin types and both genders, the Cleanse Off Mitt. Cleanse Off Mitt is THE must have beauty item, making life so much easier for those late nights when you’re feeling too tired to go through your entire makeup removal regime. The Cleanse Off Mitt has also had a makeover with brand new packaging, upgraded quality and new website revamp.

An innovative Irish product, created by the renowned skin therapist Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd, Cleanse Off Mitt (€5.95) is a reusable microfibre cosmetic mitt designed to remove makeup and oil from the skin. It is safe, gentle, thorough and respectful to the skin. Cleanse Off Mitt rivals face wipes as it contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives that can often irritate and exacerbate many skin conditions. No cleanser is needed, all you have to do is add water and it removes ALL makeup, including mascara. Cleanse Off Mitt is an ideal gentler and more convenient alternative to a typical facecloth and cotton wool.

Facial wipes often irritate the skin and exacerbate underlying sensitivity issues within the skin. Although an easy option, they do not help the long-term health of the skin. Similarly, cotton wool, which typically is comprised of many binding agents and silicon fibres, is known to irritate the skin’s top and protective layer.

How is the Cleanse Off Mitt different to a regular facecloth?

The Cleanse Off Mitt is made of tiny loops of microfibre material, which are the same diameter as each individual human head hair. These tiny loops manage to break the surface tension that binds oil and makeup to the skin’s surface, gently hooking the oil and removing debris. The Cleanse Off Mitt is different to a traditional facecloth as a facecloth is one-dimensional and does not contain any loops. This means it does not have the ability to ‘scoop’ or ‘hook’ the makeup off gently. Traditional facecloths are known to harbor more bacteria due to their more dense fabric and inability to hang dry.

Did you know the Cleanse Off Mitt…

  • can be washed with antibacterial soap, rinsed with water and hung to dry
  • is also machine washable at 30 degrees or less
  • lasts 3 – 6 months depending on amount of use
  • is available in 500 stockists to date and to buy online at Cleanse Off Mitt
  • doesn’t strip the natural protective layer of the skin like wipes can
  • is ideal for travel and gym goers – no need to worry about liquid cleanser restrictions on flights and quick and easy removal of makeup before/after a workout 

About Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd

As of February 2017 Jennifer Rock, aka The Skin Nerd, has set up her own business following a successful career with IMAGE Skincare. Having previously taught for the IIAA: International Institute for Anti-Ageing, Bronwyn Conroy’s College, Beauty Academy and lectured worldwide, Jennifer Rock’s wealth of skincare knowledge has earned her a loyal Snapchat following of over 40,000 viewers and firmly established her as one of the country’s top skincare gurus.

Cleanse Off Mitt (€5.95) is available in pharmacies nationwide, for local stockist information visit Cleanse Off Mitt.


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