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Choose the Right Hair Color

It’s okay if you are confused about what new look you are going to wear this 2016. It’s okay if it is bothering you how you are going to impress your friends, colleague, family or the dear ones. You have trendy clothes, shoes, accessories and what not. Still you are not happy. It’s time you should focus on your hair. But again you don’t know what haircut will suit you the most. Why not focus on hair colour this time? Beginning of a new year with a new hair colour sounds much fun. Before you start let’s take a look what colour is meant for your hair:

hair color

Go for Ombre:

Ombre is a French word indicates a top level hair trend. Easy way to understand is more natural hues at the roots and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. More precisely, carry a natural look sticking to the recent trend.

More Options, More Fun

Sticking with the trend and choosing the perfect colour from various options is really a good deal to start with. Ombre is giving you the right to choose. Who says to stick with light blond? You can give it a little twist by mixing in another colour. You can experiment with the soft caramel, chocolate cherry, honey cloud, deep red, mahogany, fiery copper, gold and what not? Good thing about Ombre is, it gives you younger look and flatters everyone. But you have to become a little bit choosy. Choose a colour which will give you an everlasting impression.

hair color

Ombre time:

It’s not the time for experiment. You may end up with a gloomy look. This year Ombre is not going anywhere. Stick to the trend. Do you need approval? Certainly, you do. Starting from celebrities, make up bloggers, fashion stylists, teens to moms everyone loves it. And it is guaranteed that it looks good on almost everyone. It’s not a full dye job. It’s totally different and fabulous than highlighting. As you can customize the Ombre of your own, you can also become a trendsetter of Ombre. Afraid not! Now it is your show time.

Low Maintenance, High saving:

If you are thinking how much it will cost for maintenance of Ombre then hold on and take a deep breath. If you do light Ombre at your end, touch ups after 2 months will be more than fine. You don’t need to spend your valuable money and time in the salon getting your roots touched up in every 2 weeks. If you dig a little more about Ombre and if you have a professional hand, you can attempt to DIY (Do it Yourself) it at home.

Tips of the day: Don’t go for rainbow hair dye unless you are going to a costume party. Even a celebrity needs a lot of guts to try rainbow colour. It’s not a colour you should be wearing all the time. You never know how you are going to look at the end.

Colour you hair and give a glimpse of colour to your life. Become the trendsetter of Ombre.


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