Say hello to the new Irish  Hairbrush company that will be taking the country by storm, these insanely good brushes have a huge selection with every brush having a purpose, these brushes would sure give Mason Pearson a run for it’s money.

The brushes are one of my favorites to date and the rose gold finish makes them so pretty, the names on each  brush are extremely quirky, let’s say you have to have a sense of humor! This Collection is sure to stand the test of time as they’re of professional standard making them long- lasting for home & salon use.

We spoke to Chatome on how the business is growing “Our brand Chatome was launched in May 2017 having been under production since winter 2014″. Frankie felt after 12 years in the hairdressing industry he didn’t love any 1 brush, although there was parts of certain brushes he liked he felt there was no go to brush that would be perfect for both use in salon and home use for clients to achieve salon worthy styles in the comfort of there own home. He went about creating the brand Chatome by trialling various different style brushes and taking things from certain brushes and adding to others. We finally came up with the  Chatome range and started trialling it in salon for 6 months before agreeing that he had achieve the most badass brush collection on the market! We have acquired 70+ salons in Ireland and 1 salon in the America to date. As a small Irish company we are very proud of the brand to date. We have a collection of 11 brushes in total and have recently launched our own Chatome oil which we have been trialling in the salon since November 2017. Currently our oil is only available in our own salon and our online store here hoping to roll it out to some of our stockists later this year.

To check out the brush collection click here and they’re available in leading pharmacies and Meaghers Pharmacy.


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