Chart-topping singer-songwriter and pianist Carney returns with her hotly anticipated new single, No Means No. Sure to strike a chord with both existing fans and newcomers alike, the latest offering from this uber-talented artist once again demonstrates her powerful vocal range. But perhaps, just as powerful as her singing ability, is the profundity of the songwriting itself. As the #TimesUp & #MeToo campaigns continue to reverberate around the world, Blaithin Carney contributes to the necessary global conversation, harnessing – through her medium of music and lyrics – the reality that everyone’s ‘No’ is different.

“There is a word that’s falling on deaf ears, it should be simple…”

Carney’s stunning new single is all about communication, or more pointedly, the lack thereof. This multi-talented artist seeks to empower all who listen to use their own voice with courage, to stand up for themselves and the causes they believe in, whatever this may be. More than anything, No Means No reminds listeners of the importance of kindness and thoughtfulness, not just to those you know, but everyone with whom you cross paths.

Already making waves, Carney’s third single has been given the coveted stamp of approval from RTE Radio 1’s Recommendations List.

Celebrated for her unique talents and the zeitgeist nature of her hauntingly beautiful lyrics, Naas born Carney’s No Means No follows the singer/songwriter’s debut single, ‘Rome’, which knocked Ed Sheeran off the top spot, and her second hit ‘Close to My Eyes’. Produced by Billy Farrell, mixed and mastered by Dani Castelar, with mesmerising string arrangements from David Doyle, Denise Doyle and Kenneth Rice, No Means No is a thought-provoking and emotive aural awakening.

No Means No, Enough is Enough. 



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