I recently tried out Celtic Candles for the very first time, after previously seen them and heard great things, I thought I’d give them a go and I liked them so much I decided I should share my new found love! So I couldn’t possibly try all of them out as I’m only one person, but I picked up the Angel Oil probably because the name stood out to me. The scent is very sultry with relaxing Neroli giving us a calm setting and aroma, finished with delicate floral notes of Jasmine and Musk.

Celtic Candles are made from 100% natural plant wax. No petrol-chemicals or sulphates, clean burning and turning into an oil, which you can also use the warm Angel Oil wax as a treatment on your skin.

The ideal present to give to someone for a house warming present or even a birthday gift, you will please the recipient with an Angel Oil candle from Celtic Candles.  The Large Pop Jar retails at €22.50 (100 burning hours) the 20CL Angel Oil candle retails at €15.95 (50 burning hours)  the 9CL Angel Oil Candle (25hrs burning time) and retails at €6.95.

All candles come beautifully packaged and presented in a glass jar, perfect to re-use in the home as a decorative piece. My 20CL is now finished and to re-use it I added scented popuri as a decorative and unique piece. I feel it’s very important to re-use as much as possible. Enjoy and remember to use my tip by treating not just your home but your skin with Angel Oil.


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