As the never-ending source of inspiration (and amusement), celebrities are usually people we look up to if we want to know what’s trending right now. It’s also an easy way to pick up some great inspiration and try new things, and when we see a beautiful celeb lady who looks so effortlessly gorgeous, we can’t help but wonder – what is her secret? Well, we’re about to find out. If you want to achieve that Hollywood glam and look spectacular, here are some of our favourite celebrity beauty treatments that you should check out.

Kate Hudson’s gorgeous skin

Kate Hudson at the 69th Venice International Film Festival Photo by Tanka V – Wikipedia

Unsurprisingly, the secret is not in foundation. In fact, Kate Hudson’s makeup artist applies a very minimal amount of foundation on her skin because a) she doesn’t need much coverage, and b) using a lot of product can easily make you look cakey. So, what should you do instead? Focus on skincare. Kate Hudson has popularized the use of Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub in the US, and we’re seeing a lot of praise from beauty bloggers on Instagram who are now obsessed with this exfoliator that’s apparently infused with ruby crystals, red tea extract, and hyaluronic acid. If you don’t want to splurge on the product, don’t worry. The real secret here is in the treatment and the ritual itself, in the regular use of scrubs that will slough away dead skin and make it easier for the rest of the products to sink in and do their magic.

Khloe K and coolsculpting craze

As beauty treatments go, this one is still incredibly popular in America, and we’ve got Khloe Kardashian to thank for it. While she does exercise and pays attention to what she eats, sometimes those last few pounds stubbornly refuse to budge. In such cases, coolsculpting can come to the rescue and freeze the fat away, then let your body get rid of it in a natural manner. An innovative treatment that doesn’t require surgery and is great to do before bikini season starts.

Lauren Curtis’ dazzling smile

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This Australian gal is no stranger to braces and yellowing teeth, and since she is one of YouTube’s most prolific beauty bloggers, she has taken it upon herself to share all her tips and tricks on how she maintains her lovely appearance. After paying a visit to her dentist, she was recommended teeth veneers to give her teeth a straight, white appearance, and she claims her confidence skyrocketed after that. Being able to smile without covering up your mouth and worrying about coffee stains or crooked teeth is pretty liberating, so it’s no wonder that women are now getting porcelain veneers in Melbourne to get that nice, charming smile. If you want, you can ask your dentist for temporary veneers which are usually made of acrylic just to try out how they would look like on you.

Emma Watson never forgets to do her nightly ritual

Emma Watson at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival Photo by David Shankbone – Wikipedia

Apparently, Hermione Granger really is the dorky gal we know her to be! Her favourite beauty treatment is her simply nightly ritual that consists of cleansing and moisturizing, and she never, ever lets a night go by without taking all her makeup off. That kind of consistency can only be admired, especially because it motivates us to get off our bums and wipe away that smudged mascara even when we’re super tired. We also love how straightforward this is – be consistent with your skincare and it’ll bring results. Emma also keeps switching up her moisturizers depending on the skin issue she’s trying to address at the moment.

Laura Lee’s tanning routine

This Alabama-born beauty guru’s popularity has steadily been on the rise after the launch of her makeup line. If you watch her on YouTube you know all about how gorgeously tan her skin is, and Laura says that while she naturally has a medium skin tone, self-tanning is her favourite way to get a bronzy glow. Instead of tanning salons or cooking away at the beach, she uses the Jergens Natural Glow products that give a gradual, completely natural-looking colour. She shaves and gives her body an all-over scrub first, then she applies a thin coat of regular lotion, and only then does she apply the self-tanner using a glove to spread it evenly. So, if you’re looking for that beachy radiance, this is your way to go!

If you’ve been looking to change things up in your beauty routine, these celebrity-approved treatments present you with some great options. Enjoy their little secrets and feel free to steal them all!


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