Thursday, September 23, 2021


Wardrobe Stylist: Meshva Patel Makeup Artist: Devanshi Vyas Retoucher: Awp Harsh Female Model: Vishakha Rao Photographer: Harsh Dabhi
Male Model: Stephen Hilton Female Model: Laura Clery Photographer: David Cash
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: AE Beauty Salon Photographer: Mido Bibars Model: Angela Escarilla @The Numa Network
Photo: Elena Antermite @elena_antermite @shotbyelenaantermite Stylist: Danae Marra & Vincenzo Corrado @marradanae @itsvincenzocorrado Model: Giada Garofalo @giadajey MUA: Giada Pinato @mua.jade
Photo: Elena Antermite @elena_antermite @shotbyelenaantermite Stylist: Danae Marra & Vincenzo Corrado @marradanae @itsvincenzocorrado Model: Alina from Wonderwall Managment MUA: Giada Pinato @mua.jade
Model: Tj Donnahue Makeup Artist: Maria Garcia Wardrobe Stylist: Britnee Noel Photographer: David Cash Wardrobe Stylist: Nick Whitfield Hat: CVSTMS Shirt: J. W. Anderson Hat: CVSTMS Shirt: Anchorsand
When I met Menra she immediately blew out my mind: she was totally not the way I expected. In an antic Vienese altbau house with wooden doors and big windowsills, with a creative hairdo and a cigarette in the...
Best friends spend most of their time together, and what can be more the best common interest that they share together other than fashion. Sofia and Anup are a childhood friends and they love fashion, they spend most of...
Marketing and Event agency: Olga Farafonova
Photographer: Tyler Gies Model/Makeup Artist: Mars Alexander Creative Director/Fashion Designer/Hair Stylist: Julien Lacelle Female Model/Makeup Artist: Lindsay McBride
Photographer: Mido Bibars Wardrobe Stylist/Makeup Artist: Lux Salon Female Model: Luka Vlahov Wardrobe Credits: Dress by H & M

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