Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Milano Trends

New In From Patek Philippe At Weir & Sons This October

We are delighted to announce the arrival at Weir & Sons of the very latest innovation in luxury watches from one of the world’s leading watch brands, the Patek Philippe Twenty-4® Automatic Collection, a...

One to watch: Ewa Stepaniuk

Not only Eva Minge or Gosia Baczyńska are the polish designers that are making furror in the Paris salons! From today, the designer Ewa Stepaniuk, who is not widely known, joined them. The designer delighted...

Vanity Case Tips: Get the Look of a Movie Star

Makeup artists from all over the world make it seem so easy to have a perfect look, but no matter how hard you try you, just can’t get the same results. However, don’t stress...

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