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Catrice Our 101

There’s never been a better time to be more environmentally conscious when it comes to our lifestyle choices. Up to now, the vegan trend has primarily focused on the food industry but now we can also be kinder to the...

A Make Up Power House

Misslyn make up is relatively new to Irish shores, an innovating make-up brand that is turning make up world upside down due to it’s price, funky packaging and quality. Misslyn was created in Italy over 40 years ago, the eye-catching trendy products are available in Primark stores and pharmacies nationwide.

Kiddies Toiletries

children shampoo
Three essentials you need for keeping your children clean and happy from the Green People, know to be so gentle on your precious children and is also an organic brand from both mum and child. Organic Children Berry Smoothie Shampoo (200ml) £10.50 This natural blend is jam-packed with organic nourishment to hydrate and...

Heroes We Love

remove corns
Although we use our feet constantly, they are often ignored and left out of the beauty routine, leading to the appearance of corns and calluses. To remedy this, SVR has created Xérial Peel, an exfoliating sock mask for a new skin effect in a single application.  Highly concentrated in keratolytic and emollient active ingredients, it exfoliates...

Aches And Pains Be Gone

spa salt
Looking for a Spa day without feeling the pinch? Epsom Salts have been a life saver for many giving instant relief to back pain, sore feet and moisturises the whole body. Light a few candles fill the bath with water and a few scoops of Bathefex, the essential oils in the lavender and green tea will have...

Tips For The Perfect Blow Dry

Using the right products, tools and knowing what’s right for you can be daunting but I’ve put a few tips and ideas and products I’ve used in the past to give you an insight into helping you achieve the perfect boho, sleek or full glamour curls. The right shampoo and conditioner...

The Perfect Shiny Nail Awaits You

Cutex a firm favourite in the beauty world have brought out some stunning new shades and new launches, the guide to the perfect nail is here! Eliminate the need for cotton balls, tissues and other additional products for wiping off polish quickly and easily without a mess.

Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for a Fashionista Mom

mother's day
For most people, parents are the most important figures in our lives, and we have a very special connection with our moms. That’s why every year we have a day that we dedicate to celebrating them as carers, providers and simply as the amazing women they are. But if there’s already too big of a collection in your home of “World’s...

Skin Treatments of Celebrities

Aesthetic medicine has improved a bunch during the last decade and more and more people are becoming open to it. The change is particularly visible in Australia where the number of treatments has spiked in the last 5 years. This is partly due to the general atmosphere of how “everyone’s doing it” and it’s no longer...


You can face just about anything life throws at you with this new killer 6 set collection from Blank Canvas. They are launching their NEW DIMENSIONS + brush sets to their ever-growing and adored collection. This is the ultimate make up lover’s dream, everything you could ever need for any make up application allowing you to buff, blend and everything in...

Our Top 3 Facial Steps From Green Angel

Green Angel recently went Organic and we tried out three necessities from the range that will have your skin looking ever so radiant. Seaweed Cleansing Lotion With Cucumber & Sage Extracts (200ml, RRP €16.95) Green Angel Seaweed Cleansing Lotion combines four species of nutrient rich, hand-harvested Organic Irish seaweeds with the benefits of Vitamin E,...

A New Irish Sterling Silver Collection

Arlene Nee Designer of Azure Jewelry and Absolute Jewelry has added a collection of Sterling Silver fashion forward jewelry pieces to get your sparkle on. With a major love for Irish Fashion we at Ondine were only thrilled to see this new collection part of the Absolute Jewelry Family, the campaign is modeled by Sarah Tansey and...

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