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What do Models really eat?

models eat
What do models really eat?   An important question was raised recently on the topic of the nutrition habits of the model world after Calvin Klein hired a plus sized model named Myla Dalbesio for the brand's latest campaign. Many protested that being a size 10 is the size of an every day woman, not a plus sized one and that...


fashion bloggers
Top 4 Fashion Bloggers –Ireland’s Style Pioneers   Here at Ondine Fashion Magazine we’ve always been curious & fascinated by those people who share our passion for fashion and beauty. So naturally it was only a matter of time before we set our eyes on a certain group of people causing a stir on the Irish style scene, fashion bloggers. Who...

Our Batman v Superman Movie review

Batman v Superman Review   How we saw the film...'Batman versus Superman starts off initially as a whose-manhood-is-bigger competition. Somewhere in the film after a few manhood swings later, they share a quasi homosexual moment where Batman has the capped crusader pinned on the ground with his man boots. Eventually the two kiss and make up when they discover at that...

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