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Beauty That Will Give You A New Direction

Our regular mixed beauty features seem to go down a treat so we picked some of the best new releases to pure classics in Ondine Magazine. We all need a little pick me up and a slight steer in the right direction! P20 offers reliable UVB protection as well as very high...

The Thoughts Of A Hairdresser

Through years of been a hairdresser I find product knowledge and knowing your limits regarding your hair type are the key points, plus a good hairstylist that has your back!  In this generation we see clients using Instagram as references but lets be honest most of those images took 7/8 hours to create and have been edited...

5 Fitness Tips to Steal From Celebrities

Celebs are no strangers when it comes to hiring personal trainers, and they will do anything to stay in shape and prolong their health and image. Many of them like to share their tips and weight-loss journeys on social media and we are always thrilled to take some notes. Here are the five fitness tips to steal...

Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Our baggage for travelling is having to become smaller and smaller regardless of how many beloved beauty bits we want to squeeze in – needed or not! Blank Canvas cosmetics is an award-winning Irish brand that creates affordable and highly desirable makeup brushes and cosmetics. The brushes are well loved by beauty bloggers and makeup artists alike, and at such an affordable...

New From Vichy

Fight Acne & Anti-Aging with Award-Wining skincare brand Vichy.  Acne is a common skincare that is characterized by pimples, it occurs when the pores are clogged with oil, dead skin and bacteria. Finding the right products can help you on the way to clearer complexion. Vichy is the No1 product sold in European pharmacies. The...

Men’s Grooming

men grooming
With London Collections Men only starting a few years ago which seen grooming take off and of course it’s extremely important that fashion and men’s grooming was combined a must to give a finished look. I picked some of the best male products on the market for yourself or partner. Photograph by Yvonne Vaughan Photography.

Our Ondine Beauty Report Under €30

Too Faced is a brand we love here at Ondine Magazine , American Beauty Cosmetic company made by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson has grown from strength to strength. So I picked a few products I really wanted to try myself and hope my honest and very straight talking review gives you guidance if thinking of trying Too Faced and what’s...


UltraDEX One GO mouthwash is an innovative new liquid mouthwash sachet that gives 12 hour fresh breath on the go. Use One GO for those busy in-between periods when you are out all day and need to feel fresh and confident. These handy sachets not only freshen breath instantly, they also protect teeth and gums...

5 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets

weight loss
If you think you’re the only one struggling to lose Regina George’s famous three pounds, just imagine how much pressure celebrities have to handle in order to maintain their hot bodies. Their careers and jobs basically depend on their looks, and if you want to ‘make it in the neighborhood’, you better work out, bitch. Many celebs...

The Perfect Shiny Nail Awaits You

Cutex, a firm favourite in the beauty world have brought out some stunning new shades and new launches, the guide to the perfect nail is here! Eliminate the need for cotton balls, tissues and other additional products for wiping off polish quickly and easily without a mess.

Catrice Our 101

There’s never been a better time to be more environmentally conscious when it comes to our lifestyle choices. Up to now, the vegan trend has primarily focused on the food industry but now we can also be kinder to the...

A Make Up Power House

Misslyn make up is relatively new to Irish shores, an innovating make-up brand that is turning make up world upside down due to it’s price, funky packaging and quality. Misslyn was created in Italy over 40 years ago, the eye-catching trendy products are available in Primark stores and pharmacies nationwide.

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