Bronz’Express has just launched 3 fabulous new products, Shower Gel Scrub (€12.95), Beautifying Moisturizing Lotion (€12) and Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion Intense (€17.95). BronZ’Express has been the ruler of the tanning Industry since launching in 1960 as the first ever self-tanning lotion in the world. Since then it has been evolving and developing winning combinations of self- tanners to suit every skin type. Today there is one bottle of Bronz’Express sold every minute worldwide due to its revolutionary formula that combines a unique combination of several active ingredients that interact with your amino acids present in your skin to give you that stunning glow.

BronZ’Express Shower Gel Scrub (€12.95)

Specially formulated to be used in association with Bronz’Express self-tanners to give you a more even and glowing tan. This shower gel cleanses the skin without any aggravation. It has a double action exfoliating formula that eliminates dead skin cells and rough patches leaving the skin extra soft and smooth. Recommended use 24 hours before using Bronz’Express self-tanners.

Bronz’Express Beautifying Moisturizing Lotion (€12)
Non-Greasy in texture this body lotion hydrates and soothes the

skin enhancing and prolonging the tan with a beautiful subtle floral scent. Ingredients include Collagen from the sea, Thermal seaweed extract, Moisturizing complex of plant origin and Allantoin which softens and calms irritations.

Bronz’Express Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion Intense (€17.95), The demand for an option of a darker shade has brought about the perfect creation of Bronz’Express Intense. It helps you get a natural dark, streak free instant tan and even better – this lotion is suited to all skin types. The deep and more pronounced tan fades away on its own gradually, just like a natural sun tan.

Bronz’ Express is stocked in all pharmacy groups including Lloyds Pharmacy, McCabes Pharmacy, Sam McCauley Chemists, Shaws Department Stores, Medicare and most independent pharmacies.


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