boost your metabolism

If you’re reading this on your way to work, it is likely that your stomach is empty and you didn’t make enough time to eat breakfast before you left. According to The Breakfast Report, one in three of us skips breakfast, and those who do eat it only spend nine minutes preparing it. Reasons include: not having enough time to eat, not being able to face food in the morning and wanting an extra few minutes in bed. However, skipping breakfast could be detrimental to the rest of your day and your long-term health, so for those who suffer from breakfast-phobia, here are some excellent reasons why you should always make time to eat the so-called “most important meal of the day”. 

It will Boost Your Metabolism 

If you’re focussing on a weight loss journey, skipping breakfast could be hindering your progress. By eating a balanced breakfast with fibre and protein, you can kick-start your metabolism, encouraging your body to burn calories more efficiently. It will also fight off sugary mid-morning cravings by stabilising your body’s sugar levels from the moment you wake up, meaning that you’re more likely to eat healthier and make more nutritious choices throughout the day. 

boost your metabolism


It Prevents Brain Fog and Improves Concentration 

Those who are used to eating a balanced breakfast will notice the difference when they have a morning without eating it. Skipping breakfast can lead to concentration and memory problems, making a day at work feel difficult. Try waking up half an hour earlier to make breakfast, and see if you have any improvement in your working day. The 11 am slump might become a thing of the past, and your productivity might increase. If time really is against you, and you’re heading out to work early, why not get your office buddies together and order brunch from Deliveroo? It’ll be an incentive to work harder and could also be an alternative to after-work drinks. 

improve concentration


It Improves Your Long Term Health

A balanced breakfast is made up of carbohydrates, protein and fibre. Poached eggs are quick and easy to make, and if you serve them with wholegrain bread and a handful of spinach, you’re ticking all the breakfast requirements. Lutein is a chemical found in the yolk of eggs that’s able to stave off eye diseases, and eating a nutritious breakfast is a great chance to pack yourself full of vitamins and minerals. Blasting a quick smoothie could be a quick fix for those who don’t like to eat vegetables with dinner. 

improve health


It might take some time to get used to eating breakfast, but you don’t have to reach straight for the avocados. If you don’t like to eat in the morning, a yoghurt based smoothie is a great way to get your vitamin and protein hit. Start with something easy such as a high fibre cereal and a glass of juice; from there you can experiment with different ingredients. You’ll find a new way to start the day, and the routine could see you getting more creative in the kitchen. 


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