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The Boutique Fashion Show – A Fashion Fixxer Frenzy

Organizing a successful fashion show is by no means an easy task; a lot of work goes into it which most people don’t see. From finding the ideal location, managing the models and finalizing the guest list one would think it’s necessary to have superhuman abilities. Meet Lara Charlotte of Fashion Fixxer, the woman with superhuman abilities.

Nothing short of spectacular, the Boutique fashion show, sponsored by Meaghers Pharmacy, with music from DJ Sean Sutcliffe, was hosted at the opulent Café-en-Seine on Dawson Street, Dublin, March 10th. Team Ondine had the pleasure of being invited to this spectacular event. Thirteen of Irelands’ most prominent boutiques exhibited their latest Spring/Summer 2016 collections in front of an audience of 200 eager fashionistas.

The night was full of glamour and anticipation as six stunning models advanced down the centre catwalk with dazzling outfits from Coco; Smock; Choice; Neola; Serena; Redlane; Clothes Peg; Place; Elie; Mademoiselle; Miss E; Coco C and Bow & Pearl. A total of seventy-two outfits were shown while Zeba Hairdressing kept the models’ hair looking flawless with each changeover.

The show was just under 2 hours long with a brief intermission as guests discussed the night while enjoying some wine and inspecting the complementary goodie bags from Meaghers Pharmacy. Overall the night was a complete success and we are certain a few orders were placed with the boutiques. If you would like to contact any of the boutiques you can find their details below.


by Alexandr Mendez




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