Boudoir style: Alluring and timeless


Every woman needs at one point in her life to feel more sensual and desirable. Something deep within, in the form of an inner goddess, gives off tiny sparks and brings to light a different side of a woman’s attitude.

Thus began in the early 1920’s a new wave of sensual images, bold in concept and more suggestive than the usual conservative fashion of those years. Women like Clara Bow, Jean Harlow and May West became symbols of a new era that started and concerned female sexuality. Without being vulgar or overly revealing, pictures started having a more daring content with women covered in rich fabrics like silk and velvet, clothes that revealed more flesh but with the private parts hidden and poses that were sexually suggestive but aesthetically conveying a more sensual than vulgar message. With this practice, that made women more daring and willing to try something new for their significant others and men wanting to see more of that kind of photography, the term “boudoir” was used, deriving from the French word of the same name which meant “the private part of a woman’s bedroom/dressing room where women (usually of an upper social class) entertained guests and were getting prepared and pampered before social events”.


In a typical fashion, boudoir photography inspired many women throughout the years to pose in front of a lens and reveal their bodies in a beautiful and classy way. Dressed usually in expensive lingerie pieces with lace detailing, silk robes, garter belts and stockings, impressive high heels, multiple rows of pearl necklaces, impeccable skin, curled hair, sultry eye makeup complete with heavy black eyeliner on point and irresistible red lips, women reveal their feminine curves and play with the camera lens in a flirty and seductive manner while posing most of the time indoors, in a bedroom, on or next to a freshly unmade bed, to suggest the mental image of a sexy encounter and the possibility of nudity without the revelation of a naked body. These pictures are the perfect gift for a boyfriend or a husband on the occasion of a special anniversary or simply a memento for years to come, an immortal imprint of timeless beauty and elegance or a reason for celebration after a significant weight loss or a similar milestone as a motivational boost of self-esteem.


In recent years, boudoir themes have been linked with burlesque and pin up themes and inspired fictional characters like Betty Boop as well as well-known personalities like Dita Von Teese. Though often alike in styling, these themes differ in terms of origin and content. Burlesque is more of a dance performance and contains more nudity as it is often accompanied by striptease and Pin-up refers to pictures of bombshell type models that are popular for mass production. As we made clear earlier, Boudoir is more subtle, sultry, romantic, sensual and private and refers more to a photography setting and the general idea behind a concept than the actual picture.

So, if you want to bring out a different side of you and create something suggestive but classy, you can either invest in a boudoir inspired photo shoot session as a gift to yourself or another or incorporate details like transparent silk and lace fabrics, underwear worn as substitutes of clothing and curve-hugging pieces that accentuate your feminine form.


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