whitening kit

Beverly Hills Formula New Whitening Kit

I recently spoke of my love for the new Beverly Hills Formula Professional range which is now available in all good pharmacy’s. In addition to the toothpaste and mouthwash we now have the professional whitening kit, consisting of strips and a whitening pen, to be used together to help people achieve a whiter smile, safely and easily in their own home.

whitening kit

The kit is pretty easy to use and the guidelines are very straight forward, they come in a sachet of 14 to be exact and you use daily and nightly for 7 days. Please find below a few steps to use the efficiently:

  • Ensure teeth are dry before using the strip
  • Apply the longer strip to the top and smaller strip to the lower teeth.
  • Leave on for 30 minutes once applied
  • After your 30 minutes are up, remove both strips and rinse away any residue from the teeth

The whitening pen also contains hydrogen peroxide which is important to have in a whitening kit/pen. You can use the whitening pen to prolong the whitening effect delivered by the whitening strip and great to use on the go.


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