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Is there anything more magical and romantic than having your wedding under an open sky? If your dream wedding is bound to be during the warm summer months, it’s important to go with a bridal look to match the occasion, scenery and overall feel of your big day. That being said, take a look at the following three bridal outfit ideas that can truly make you the brightest star of the day.

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Beach wedding

Get in tune with the bohemian, breezy and tropical vibe of the sandy paradise and let the waves inspire you. What’s more, if you choose to get married in a beach golf club in Sydney, the most famous golfing place on Earth, you’ll definitely feel like a true beach goddess. There are really plenty of dress options when it comes to a beach wedding. In general, champagne/ivory dresses are preferable compared to purely white ones. Moreover, maxi dresses with the empire waist look truly gorgeous. Still, you can always go for something more fun and unconventional. Shorter dresses will look great when paired with lace up gladiator sandals. Apart from sandals, beach wedges and ballet flats can look absolutely gorgeous. Spice up the whole look with some beautiful Pame Designs or Murkani jewelry. When it comes to makeup, you can go for a natural sun-kissed glow or add something extra with a pop of color.

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Garden wedding

If your goal is to create an elegant yet magical and romantic feel, similar to the vintage villa party-style theme, a garden wedding is the perfect choice. Ireland is known for gorgeous outdoor wedding venues such as Ballyscullion Park. Going for retro-inspired cuts for your wedding gown can work exceptionally well in this setting. Basically, it would be best to avoid overly frilly petticoats and too much tulle. Go for something flowy, feminine and romantic. You’re also free to spice things up with lace, embroidery, pearly dress details, etc. When footwear is concerned, it would be best to opt for something comfy yet elegant, for example, the wedding sandals by Charlotte Mills or some fancy ballet shoes. Of course, don’t forget to jazz up the whole look with some gem stone/pearls jewelry (or even simplistic pieces if your dress is stunning enough). Going with a soft, ABH Modern Renaissance inspired makeup look would match the feel perfectly.

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Vineyard wedding

Immerse yourself in the rustic setting of the vineyard’s romantic and natural beauties. This is the perfect setting to show off your unique style. Feel free to draw inspiration from Mark Brower’s Vineyard Collection or go for a completely rustic chic, vintage look. There are numerous options when it comes to wedding gowns for this particular setting and it all depends on your personal preferences and ideals. Match the shoes to the dress as well. You can go for summer booties, high/kitten heel stilettos or sandals, or elegant ballet shoes. Again, the jewelry should match your style, but rose gold pieces would definitely look stunning in the natural environment of a vineyard. Also, have fun with your makeup look. You can go for natural, relatively colorful and even sparkly eye makeup. Still, try to avoid overly heavy and dark eyeshadow looks.

Make your summer outdoor wedding as beautiful and special as the nature that surrounds you by following your dreams. Don’t settle for anything less than what you want and enjoy every moment of it!


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