There is always so much attention being paid to women’s underwear – and clothing in general – that it can sometimes seem like the guys just aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Well, they can get just as confused as the girls, and it’s time to demystify all of the issues surrounding the one thing we all need – underwear. What fit is right for me? What materials are the best? How should I care for them? All of those questions, and much more, we’re answering right now:

What’s the best fit?

Well, this will mostly depend on two things: what you like wearing on top of your underwear and how you like to feel. On one hand, you have the all-around-favorite boxers. They are the go-to for a lot of guys, especially in casual settings, because they give you a lot of room to breathe and move. However, they aren’t without flaws. With all of that extra fabric, you might find it bunching up in weird ways, and depending on what you’re wearing on top, it might give you a diaper look – not what you’re going for, right? Wear boxers when you know you’ll be wearing loose-fit clothing like sweatpants or shorts.

On the other hand, competing for the first place in popularity are the briefs. They have much less fabric, but still cover everything that should be covered, while giving you a lot more support than boxers. This makes them ideal for wearing underneath pants, skinny jeans, and any other clothing that fits snug. There is a “best of both worlds” option in boxer briefs, as well as other varieties such as a jockstrap or trunks.

What material should you go for?

When browsing for some additions to your drawers, you want to make sure you are buying the highest quality men’s underwear available. The way to go should always be cotton. It is a light and breathable fabric and it is gentle to the skin. A lot of artificial textiles will give you a rash or increase the risk of infection. Not to mention, a material that will make the body heat up can cause harm to your reproductive system, so make sure everything is nice and breezy around the area to keep the temperature optimal. As far as prints go, you should really at this point be a grown up and have a selection of single-toned light and dark underwear, without any crazy patterns.

How to care for them

There’s nothing worse than wearing old underwear that has lost its shape, form, and is discolored. Once you see that the elastics are giving out, it’s time to swap them out for a brand-new pair. When washing your undies, you need to pay attention to giving them the right care. Wash them at high temperatures to make sure they are properly cleaned; hang them to air-dry. If you know you are sensitive to harsher cleaning supplies, try to only wash your underwear with mild and natural soaps. If you have lost or gained weight and you feel that your briefs just aren’t giving you the support anymore, or that they are uncomfortable in any way, get some new ones. And – hopefully this goes without question – if there’s a hole in them, they should have been in the thrash yesterday.

Buying underwear isn’t rocket science, but if you don’t know the basic rules, you can end up feeling uncomfortable or even with a medical issue. Don’t grab the first pair you find; put some effort in and find the perfect pair for you. And if you think going commando is the best option – think again. Your underwear protects you from all kinds of dirt and bacteria that come near that area, so you really don’t want to be walking around without them.



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