This is one of the simplest, yet most functional men’s wallets on today’s market. Its design and construction is built around three key words: breathability, precision, elegance.

Made mostly by hand from premium materials and of sophisticated design – that’s what characterizes the young Czech fashion brand Danny P. Focusing primarily on men’s leather accessories, it combines Italian leather, German threads, and skilled Czech hands to make functionally designed, timeless, products that follow their owners on their way to success. Stylish bags, wallets and belts are available in three color schemes — black, cognac, and dark brown.

Danny P.’s signature products are wallets combined with iPhone cases; the iPhone 5 was what resulted in founding the brand in the first place. The edges of the phone were just too easy to  scratch, which led two friends (Daniel Piterak and Lukas Vondracek) to design and start making a unique wallet that would protect the device. With these wallets, the brand succeeded at Apple itself: the tech company offered Danny P. wallets on its official e-shop in 2015.

clip leather wallet

Founded in 2013, Danny P. has already succeeded on the US market and has since expanded its customer base in Europe, South America, South Africa and Asia.

Minimalistic design and modest dimensions to make the wallet fit smoothly into any pocket – that was the brief Danny P. designers got. They came up with wallets in three color schemes: black, cognac and dark brown, all with contrast stitching to make the design clean yet expressive.Anyone and everyone can choose a Danny P. product that suits them. The brand offers wallets with a coin pocket but also one with just card slots. Truly unique are the wallets that serve as iPhone cases, too. Danny P. sells wallets for all iPhone generations currently on the market. The price of the wallets starts at $129 with an option to add monogram for $19.95.

You can find the reviewed wallet HERE


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