handmade soap

We had the chance of testing 2 Handmade soaps thanks to the nice people of Nimfa. They are hand making the soaps using only organic ingredients in Drogheda.  They make soap the old-fashioned way, using the basic techniques that Grandma passed down. They handcraft each batch of cold process soap from scratch using gourmet recipes that have been formulated to naturally nourish and moisturize your skin.

handmade soap

The benefits of using handmade soaps vs the soaps we find in the shops which are nothing but chemicals are:



This is the very best reason why you should use handmade soaps. A typical handmade soap is made with Natural oils as Eucalyptus, Lemon, Bergamot or Lavender, Goat Milk, and butters which are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that are essential to a healthy skin. The Goat Milk in the handmade soap can improve your oil skin problems making your skin less prone to acne, skin infections, wrinkles and fine lines.

handmade soap ireland


The mass-produced soap which can be found in the shops is anything but soap. It’s just a chemical cocktails made of soft detergents and just synthetic ingredients  that actually dehydrate and age skin, sometimes causing allergic reactions . In the handmade soap you will not find any ingredients which are not necessary or harmful.

The pH Factor

Our skin is at 5.5 on the pH scale. Contrary of what’s been advertise, the pH of the soap should not match your skin. The act of cleansing dries the skin, and for this reason you’ll need a soap that has a higher pH level than your skin. The natural soaps have around 9 to 10 pH.

handmade soaps


There are hundreds of different handmade natural soaps. Have a look at Nimfa page and see their wide range of homemade natural soaps. From the wide array of soaps we are sure you can find one to be a perfect match for you. And the beauty of handmade soaps is that they can be created in a near-infinite variety. Considering that your skin is the largest organ on your body, there’s joy in discovering the right kind of soap that treats it well.



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