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Belfast Alternative Fashion Week


The fashion world will unfurl like never before for this fourth and final show of Belfast Alternative Fashion Week which will be a multicoloured paradise of the best highlights reflecting on the whole week rolled up into one great big ball of Audio and Visuals on Sunday 4th December at The Whitla Hall Queens doors open 6pm show starts 7pm to 11pm.

Belfast Alternative Fashion Week’s Grand Finale will be encapsulated in a blanket of Northern Irelands finest live original bands and tribute acts. We are also pleased to announce we are amalgamating the “Titanic Queer Show” with the Grand Finale and we will be kicking off with a live performance from the outstanding Nirvana Tribute Band The “Negative Creeps” who will transport us into the catwalk of diversity where everything will blow your mind. Featuring The Vicuñas who are supporting the outstanding Kaz Hawkins Band who are finishing their UK Tour here to end the evening of Fashion. Bar facilities provided!

alternative fashion

Welcoming all the way from London the outstanding world renowned fashion designer and out of the box thinker Aleah Leigh designs. Aleah Leigh will be putting on another Jaw dropping show of work, Carina Cunningham of “Style Warriors” Dublin, the fantastic Kat O’Strophic also from Dublin, Emma Giles of Crafty Belfast ,Dee Graham Tailor Made Suits, of Dungannon. Also Nina Lauren Couture with Tribal Queen Hair Design will all bring the house down with their highly skilled cutting edge and forward thinking fashionistic trends. To carry this visual pleasure to a higher state of consciousness the World Award Winning Body Painter Victoria Gugenheim will paint up some skin that will have Leonardo DaVinci peeping from the afterlife. Models such as Icon of Strength double amputee Stacy Paris of Scotland will be making Belfast very proud indeed. Stacy will be the first double amputee in Europe to walk a catwalk and it’s all happening here in Belfast. Pioneering “Grey is the Way” female model and fashion icon Denise O’Neill N.Ireland and the Great Grey beards of wisdom Garry Jackson Srsb of Garrys Barbers Hollywood N.Ireland and very handsome Irish man Gordon Flynn global catwalker, co-creative director, model and designer who will be flying back from London to home soil to support and participate in this finale. Binder Tohani Hair, Make Up and Henna artist extraordinaire will be bringing the Asian Culture with a modern twist to our eyes with an Asian Catwalk and dance routine not to be missed and WICKED clothes and shoes by Fi to name but a few! More ACE models include Sebastian Pawlik, Damon Armstrong,Conor C Davidson, Lauren McDonald, Stacey Allen, Leon World all the way from Germany…the list goes on.. The Fabulous Tattooist Dave Zane of Bloodline tattoos on the Lisburn Road will be there ready to ink you up and Marty Rice Picasso’s Penthouse Tattoo & Art Studio’s should the notion cross your mind.
The very beautiful Taekwondo Olympian turned model Miss Chloe Aboud from Dublin will flex her figure in stunning super cool designs holding us in awe as will the odd Zombie from Fairytale & Gore. Robert KING and the multi talented Julia Clements will have their fingers in the mix making MUA magic most magnificently.

The stunning body builder turned model Heather Mclean N.Irelands hottest alternative model along with many others in this plethora of inspiration and talent will slam on the style as by this stage they will be fully primed and ready to “Walk the Walk” in a pair of “Wicked Shoes” by “Fi”. Our very special guest sculpting Hair is Northern Irelands golden guy Paul Meekin Hair Academy who only several weeks ago made public due to a confidentiality clause being lifted he had just completed doing the Hair for the Game of Thrones and is now the New Face of Revlon. Also Chris Stewart Hairdressing

alternative fashion

Your eyes and ears will be truly nourished with the rich creativity this new and first of it’s kind extravaganza has to offer. With some of the best moments from Bodypaint ‘n’ Ink, Fairytale & Gore and Titanic Queer events the stage is set to blow your mind and entertain you like no other has ever done before in Ireland or the UK. This long awaited moment has come and like Yellowstone Park this new wave in Fashion & Arts is about to blow wide open.
Choreographed by the wonderful Joan Mccartney and Ray Noble members of the organisation WE CANCERVIVE will make their very special appearance bringing unforgettable awareness that early diagnosis really does work and should be priority one in healthcare treatment. Their inspirational campaign will make you take action in pushing early diagnosis to the front of the queue.With make up by Blades and Beauty.

Due to a phenomenal rise in the popularity of mens Barbers which seems to work very well in tandem with wearing tattoos a pop up Barbers shop will be there on the night led by Garry Jackson Srsb of Garrys Barber Shop in Holywood alongside Dee Graham Tailor Made Suits (who has just recently been dressing Conor McGregors Mac Life Crew) and amazing scented beard products from Urban Tonic will be on display.

alternative fashionFor centuries the alternative has been somewhere on the sidelines, growing in the streets, celebrating in the shadowy undergrowth of society or out in the twilight zones of festival fields eternally ablaze. The commercial mainstream & alternative cultures are intrinsically linked even though their homes are miles apart and though they may not see eye to eye one cannot exist without the other!

The source of all mainstream comes from the alternative scene, from the bold, the outcast, the daringly creative artistic and pioneering lone wolves that roam in uncharted territory often without support only to have their visions end up in the mainstream many years later one way or another. Belfast Alternative Fashion Week (BAFW) is non discriminative supporting both these entities as it understands the connection between the two and it is bringing the wolf pack together for all to see in an Alternative Ulster.

Come witness the source of all the creative magic and diversity that reflects the past present and future all at the same time. Every now and again the sunlight breaks on through to the other side and shines upon the suppressed seeds of creativity releasing an incredible burst of life and variety into the canopy of society. BAFW is just the flicker of light, the talent we shine it upon are the seeds of creativity.


Belfast Alternative Fashion Week is a celebration designed to shine a big bright light all over the richly diverse and alternative talent in society by bringing it to a live audience in acknowledgement of it’s undying, enduring and creative life force which affects everything from past present and future fashion trends both alternatively and commercially orientated. Combined with a strong musical element it’s main aim is to entertain the public by highlighting it’s fascinating multi layered attractions bringing the world a new kind of experience for an evening or a night out that can be enjoyed fully leaving a positive landmark memory in your life.

Don’t miss these rare diamonds in the rough in the City of Belfast with this debut Alternative Fashion Week Grand Finale. It will be unforgettable! Underground Overground Alternatives Free!

£35 Sunday 4th December 2016.
Doors open 6pm Show starts 7pm -11pm.
Bar Facilities available.
Wheelchair access.
Mobile 07710260041


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