most beautiful girl in ireland
Julie Parrot, Arezu Tabarsi, Chloe McGee, Kerrie O'Brien, Lydia Everett, Shauna Johnstone, Chloe Aboud, Samantha Ali, Miriam Ibrahim, Celine MacDonald, Suzie Blunten, Milika Ghadrjoo
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It wasn’t an easy decision for the three judges; Suzzie O’Deniyi (Most Beautiful Girl in Ireland), Leah Kenny ( and our very own editor in chief, Ioan Hiliuta, had to choose from the 12 fabulous finalists in an intense three stage competition held in the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel in Dublin.

Among the pink and purple stage lights, the initial round involved the bikini display with all the hopeful models strutting confidently in front of the three judges as well as an exclusive audience of just over 60. The second round involved the talent showdown which ranged from singing, dancing to martial arts & baton twirling; it was very impressive to say the least. Finally came the question & answer round while the girls displayed their elegant evening gowns. The questions posed by the judges were not easy, some very challenging in fact, but the answers were all very heartfelt and sincere with a few creative ones thrown in.

most beautiful girl in ireland finals

In the end a winner was chosen. Only one walked away with that tiara and an all expenses paid trip to Korea to represent Ireland, the Emerald Isle, in the Miss Super Talent of The World competition. The Most Beautiful Girl in Ireland 2016 has been chosen; her name, Lydia Everett. Second runner up was Kerrie O’Brien while first runner up was Shauna Johnstone.

most beautiful girl in ireland
Lydia Everett
most beautiful girl in ireland
Shauna Johnstone
most beautiful girl in ireland
Kerrie O’Brien

Sponsors of the night included MBGI, Suzzie D Model Management and Miss SuperTalent of the World.

most beautiful girl in ireland
Ioan Hiliuta, Suzzie O’Deniyi & Leah Kenny

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By: Alexandr Mendez

Photography by Cristian Constantiniu


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