Arlene Nee, the owner of Absolute Jewellery just keeps on showcasing and designing the best of Irish Dress Wear Jewellery. You will fall in love with her diverse collection.

The SS’18 Collection is suitable for everyone that likes a bit of sparkle and glitz, carefully made to give an edge to any outfit. You can dress them down or up, but personally I would wear them day/night but for the more conscious lady who dares to wear only the best will be seen in the light of pure glamour.

If your looking for a drop earrings, studs, rings, long necklace, brooch to a statement piece you will find it within this collection. Absolute Jewellery  is available in over 200 stockist nationwide.

Absolute Jewellery’s SS’18 Collection pictured above will be available very soon, keep an eye out in your nearest stockist and of course it’s super affordable!


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