Have you ever wondered how we get to know that a person is older than another person? Most people say ‘I just know she should be older’ Well, we do not just know anything. Our brain is so calculative that we note certain features that make a person older than the other. At times, we even miscalculate and say a younger person is the older person. The fact that there was a miscalculation gave clear indications that we do not just know that a person is older but that our brain has been fashioned in a way that indications of certain regularities and irregularities make us conclude on whether the person is old or not. In actuality, as we grow, changes occur in our physical self. While changes come as a result of growth, peculiarities associated with growth also comes as a result of our habits, the kind of work we do and the kinds of food we eat. These changes can affect your physical appearance and probably make you unattractive.

Hence, there are anti-aging measures you should take to prevent and cure those frequently seen fine lines that appear on your face and those rough development that attaches your skin and makes you look older than you are. Irrespective of your age, you can regain a younger look by following these 11 anti-aging tips to fight wrinkles:

Stay away from ultraviolet rays: One main cause of an obvious wrinkled skin is the ultraviolet rays derived through frequent sun exposure. The skin tends to lose its elasticity thereby leading to a sagged skin.

So, the more you expose yourself to the sun, the more your wrinkles take over your skin. Darrick Antel, a foremost plastic surgeon in New York, stated that while wrinkles can be hereditary, siblings with limited exposure to sunlight tend to look younger than those who had frequent exposures.

Avoid smoking: Apart from the fact the obvious fact smoking causes cancer, smoking also has a huge impact on your physical appearance. With every puff, you tend to look sick and older. Your lips form a shape that also causes fine lines around your lippy area.

Dr. Shafer reveals that one reason why smoking has a profound effect on the health is that the released smoke and nicotine relives the cells of nutrition and oxygen. These elements prevent a supply of oxygen and nutrition at that particular period.

Sleep not on your chest: Sleeping on your chest is one bad sleeping habit most people have. While some people think it is only disadvantageous to ladies, it also non-beneficial to men. As you sleep on your chest, you press your face against your pillow, and that forms lines over your face.

Take antioxidants: if you have been taking antioxidants, build up your intake. Take more of fruits, and supplement. Fruits and vegetable make your skin healthier. Even if you have no access to as much water as you ought to, combining anti-oxidants with supplements promotes hydration.

Work out your stress: Stress naturally wears out the body. People easily notice stress in another person due to changes in the person’s physical appearance. Try to stay calm no matter the activities you go through. After a stressful day, ensure you sleep. Get enough rest. Stress can be psychological and emotional. So meditate to calm your nerves.

Apply the Sunscreen: As much as you avoid ultraviolet ray, ensure you put on sunscreen. At times, you might not be able the avoid the sun as much as you should due to your kind of job, however, putting on SPF reduces the effect of the sun on your skin. According to Dr. Levy, ensure the sunscreen you use contains 30 or more protection agent.

Drink water regularly: Some people drink water only when they are eating or when they feel thirsty. The body needs hydration, taking water when the body is dehydrated affect your physical appearance and makes you look older than your age. It is best to drink water all through the day. Do not take beyond what your body can per time. However, sip water every time without waiting until you feel like

Include turmeric in your food recipe: Inflammations cause fine lines and wrinkles. While turmeric aids internal inflammation, its effect can also help with internal inflammation. So, include turmeric as part of your food spice

Mildly cleanse your face: Face scrubs and cleansers might be good. But do not overuse any. Over cleaning your face can cause wrinkles and heighten the aging process. Gently wash your face with water to avoid dehydration.

Dermatologists at the University of Maryland Medical Centre have stated the use of tap water tends to reduce the skin’s natural moisture thereby rubbing off its anti-aging properties. Instead of washing your face at all times, you can make use of the mild cleanser.

Retin A: Retin A is an anti-aging cream that contains Vitamin A. Due to its content, dermatologists approve its ability to reduce wrinkles and fine lines across the face and body. You can also lay your hands on creams that contain Retinols as such creams have been regarded as the best anti-aging products.

Beware of anti-aging products: Different establishments release ads on their products stating that their products work for wrinkles and skin aging. Well, research has shown that some of these products worsen the aging rate of users. It is best to inquire from an approved dermatologist on the kind of product to use for your skin type.

Some anti-aging products include contents that may serve as allergies. Having a dermatologist prescribe one will be best.

Wash your hands: Your face is not only the sensitive part everyone looks out for when they see you or meet you. Look out for your hands. Just as you apply SPF on your face, apply at the back of your hands to protect it from excessive rays. Joshua Zeichner has stated that the hands tend to age faster than the face.


While you can make use of creams and oils to make your skin glow, continuous activities and other indulgences of the day will surely not hide the reactions on your skin. It is best to follow a clean lifestyle to have a perfect and long-lasting skin effect without an aging effect.


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