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Ana Pavel – her love story

And because it’s almost Valentine’s Day, Ana Pavel, the Moldavian who turned heads with her Miss Bikini appearance, chat with us about her love story and that she is getting married to her 10 year boyfriend very soon .

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ana pavel


I met my fiance in Pheonix Park at a barbecue party playing football, I was 18 at the time, and single of course, another 15 guys were there with him, all trying to get my number and I refused to give them, Sergiu instead tricked me into giving my number, approached me asking if I have a girl friend that he could maybe meet for a date, eventually I asked my friend if she is interested, and she was!!! After seeing his photo! )))) but she didn’t want to go alone, so we arrange a double date, Sergiu went with my friend and i went with his friend. The minute i saw him when we all met, sparks started flying between us, but i could say or do anything because he was suppose to be with my friend on that date haha, well by the end of the night long story short, he came beside me and said *listen i came on this date because i want you, do i have any chance with u?* )))) I answered *80%* )))) he says well that’s good enough for me! Haha. Since then 10 years past, we have been through a lot, but managed to stay strong together , and we love each other like crazy!


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