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Seeing the work of The Hope Project on the Greek Island of Lesvos, Irishwoman Verna McGeachin was moved by what she saw. She promised to stage an exhibition of work done by refugees supported by The Hope Project. Verna lives 275km across the Aegean on Antiparos, where she runs ‘Upcycled Antiparos’, re-imagining, repurposing and redesigning discarded clothing and other materials.

She has long been a supporter of, and contributor to, The Hope Project but it was during her visit to Lesvos in March this year, that the exhibition went from an idea to a reality.

The Hope Project Artist: Javad “Innocent Eyes” Visit Facebook @ Art is Hope For further information please contact Verna McGeachin

The Hope Project is run by Eric and Philippa Kempson and an art studio is among the amenities and supports they have provided for refugees. As the idea took shape, people rowed in behind it, like Mary Chatzaki from ‘Anti Art Gallery’ in Antiparos, who offered her premises.

Ironically, the exhibition for and by refugees, has been rendered stateless and homeless by Covid19. Not one to be discouraged or defeated, Verna put her ‘repurposing’ skills to good use, turning a physical exhibition into a virtual one. Visit: Facebook @ Art is Hope, to view the work and buy something if you can.

The deadline for online bids is Saturday June 6th. You’ll be helping a great cause and supporting wonderful people. You’ll also be enriched and uplifted by the triumph of the human spirit so evident in the work – images and sculpture created by people who have lost so much but still live in hope of a safer place … and a better world.


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