If you travel often, you must be aware of the troubles travel can sometimes bring. Although it is always a beautiful experience, a road trip can easily turn out to be a nightmare if you are not cautious enough. Here are some universal things you should write down and always consider when planning a road trip.

Plan most of the things upfront

Being spontaneous is a good thing, but when it comes to planning a road trip, you would like to have a detailed plan of your journey. Planning enables you to use your time to the fullest and have the best experience. If you are short on money find the best route to save up on gas, search for cheaper supermarkets in the area where you will be staying, but still bring most of the groceries you can from home. Planning your daily activities will help you make time to do and see everything you wanted. Every minute of planning saves you 10 minutes for the trip experience, so be prepared.

Always check your car

Traveling by car is convenient, but if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you ought to have problems. Waiting for a car toad can instantly ruin your trip. What you can do to prevent such a misfortunate situation is check whether your car is in good shape before you go on a trip. Make sure to do this a couple of weeks before the trip in case your car is need of repairing. In Australia, they have a neat trick as well. You can call a mobile mechanic in Sydney to check and fix your car at your own home, so you don’t have to make time in your busy schedule just to drive to the mechanic and back.

Pack smart

One of the most painful parts of traveling is – packing. So much stuff to carry, yet so little space. You really want to pack that dress you didn’t have a chance to wear yet, those new shoes as well, and it might be cold, so you will need a jacket too… These thoughts go on and on until you end up packing your whole wardrobe. And you haven’t even packed hygiene products, towels, medicine, food or drinks yet. Although you might need all of that, just focus on what you will need most definitely. When going camping think about medicine in case of insect bites and warm clothes that don’t get easily wet in case of rain. When going to the seaside, pack a lot of sunscreen and skin care products. If you are staying at a five star hotel don’t bring anything except your best clothes, because you will certainly have everything else provided. Make a packing list you can use each time you travel – saves time and nerves, too!

Always keep your belongings safe

This is not a shockingly new piece of advice, but is never to be forgotten when you travel. Thieves and muggers are everywhere, and are becoming more and more skilfull. If you have a safe or a locker at your accommodation you should leave your documents and passport always there. As for the money you carry around, put it in your socks, bra or some hidden place, and always have a dummy wallet with you. If you ever get assaulted by a mugger, you can peacefully hand him the dummy wallet without any money. It is also smart to keep money on you in several places.

Don’t push yourself over your limits

Whatever pace you’re used to when going on a road trip, always keep in mind that you mustn’t overestimate yourself. If you are driving back home, don’t get too excited and forget that you need to be well rested for the ride. Also, if you use up all of your energy for the first two days of the trip, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the rest of it. Spend your energy economically and rest for at least two hours a day, especially if it’s very hot where you’re going.

Traveling is one of the greatest things in the world and going on trips is not only a good idea for you, but for your friends, family and colleagues as well. Make the best of your trip with careful planning and the rest will come spontaneously.


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