Last night I was more than blessed to be invited to a night which will stay for long in my heart. And that because it was done for a great charity, for those little ones who can’t care for themselves, for those who have a hard time growing up far from their parents, for an Orphanage called Associação Cultural Somos Crianças from Brazil, Salavador.

alan mcgarry love
Alan McGarry Love

This couldn’t be done without the hard work that Alan McGarry Love has put into organizing the show, Claire Garvey for the many months of creativity and devotement, and Lillies for hosting a great atmosphere in their amazing venue in Central Dublin. And of course, let’s not forget about FX MakeUp Academy who did the most amazing and creative job to complement Claire’s looks.

chloe julia
Chloe Julia

The last few weeks have been stressful, tiring and hard, but that doesn’t explain the hard work that Claire Garvey has put into my event, she is one of the most dedicated hard working lady I’ve ever met. Just like me she’s worked hours, weeks and months to make this night a huge success!! 

kris kapelli
Kris Kapelli

What can I say about Claire Garvey? She is like our Picasso. When Picasso started his cubism technique, he start a revolution in the art industry. He created a new trend, a new way of seeing art. This is exactly what Claire is doing. She is revolutionizing the fashion industry by creating some of the most interesting design, with futuristic looks, surrealists and a grunge, but in the same time soft and innocent appearance using a technique which we have yet to discover. Or I’m not telling. Chloe Julia and Kris Kapelli did an amazing job performing live throughout the fashion show.

claire garvey
Claire Garvey

Everything I raise will help cover suitcases of unwanted clothes and toys for the children in the orphanage and every other bit raised goes directly to the orphanage itself which is amazing! Alan McGarry Love

Judy Fitzgerald


Saikumari Janaparedy


JenJen Fogarty


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