Six degrees on a rainy Irish weather and the spirit of Christmas have started to ring its bells. David, a Homeless man on Lower Baggot Street gives Patrick Treacy his second umbrella. “True Christmas Spirit!” Patrick says.
Patrick Treacy (who became Michael Jackson’s doctor) explains, “It could be any of us, and my shoes had holes and I was soaking… last thing I expected in all of the world” .. “He has no money for a hostel and he doesn’t drink” (Patrick Treacy)

patrick treacy behind the mask
As from research it says “the minimum number of people experiencing homelessness in Ireland as of 30th September 2015 is over 5,100”. There are many charities out there trying their best to tackle homelessness. Hitting 3K likes and 273 shares this is a small story but has the strongest message. “those that have the least give the most as they know what it is to have nothing” (Patrick comments) Giving us quivers! Let us join David’s Christmas spirit and donate what we can to charities to help the warm hearted who are on the streets.


by Jenifer Williams


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