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7 hottest Irish Summer Wedding Trends

It’s that time of year again and many of you will have a few weddings to attend up and down the country. The summer is of course the most popular time to get married and this is almost a necessity in Ireland. It is the only time where there is a chance (yes, a chance!) of getting a good day of weather. This infographic from Valentina Fine Diamonds takes you through what you can expect to see at Irish weddings this summer.

For example, wedding food trucks are becoming more popular, and who wouldn’t love some tasty food after a glass or two of wine? Summer, of course, gives us a chance to get outdoors a bit on the big day and alternative outdoor seating can be a cool addition to a wedding. From glamorous seating areas, hay bales or decorated swings – you can expect to see a range of seating options outdoors. Find out more about summer Irish weddings in the infographic now.

wedding trends


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