There are so many trends that come and go through the years, but some decades simply won’t stay in their time. And while there are scattered ‘60s and ‘80s fans, the trend that nobody wants to let go of is the dreamy millennial ‘90s. It’s not that big of a surprise, since the people who grew up during the ‘90s are now some of the most influential people in fashion. But are these trends here to stay? How can we incorporate them with modern items? Are the actual styles a hit or a miss? That’s what we’re discussing right now.





Who doesn’t love a big old bandana? The bright red with a black and white paisley print has always been a staple, but they really came in all sorts of different colors and patterns. The best part about these was their versatility: you could wear them on your head in a thousand different ways, around your neck when you were cold – or more often to add edginess to your outfit, or even as a top if you were small enough to tie it around your chest. These pieces are thought to be making a comeback since they were featured in a recent R13 fashion show, but on the streets, they are mostly just worn as a hair accessory by girls with fabulous, voluminous hair.

Bike shorts


And they’re not just for delivery guys and gals anymore. The trend of wearing comfy bike shorts as casual everyday clothing is coming back, but it might not be for the same reason as the rest of the things on this list. The trend of wearing activewear as everyday items has grown and spread all over the fashion industry, and many designers are designing clothes specifically for this intention. This could be the bandwagon that Kim K and Off-White are jumping on with these shorts, rather than the ‘90s comeback. However, they are a blast from the past only if worn with an activewear top or an oversized, printed shirt.

                    Sandals and slides



We can all agree that the ‘90s were a time of some freaky shoe trends, but there are some that we were genuinely sad to see leave. In the last few years, we’ve become so obsessed with top designer shoes, and sky-high heels that we’ve forgotten the simple, stylish and bold sandals. Luckily, we have celebs like Kate Moss to remind us that womens Birkenstock sandals are back, and that they’re as stylish as ever. We have also seen models like Gigi Hadid rocking Adidas slides, with signs that even fashion titans like Gucci are hopping on this trend.


                    Cargo pants

The world’s most convenient pants have, for some reason, been reserved for men’s fashion in the previous years, and that is just unacceptable. With their millions of pockets, they render purses unnecessary and let you walk around like the badass you are. Bella Hadid was seen in a pair, boldly matching them with sky-high strappy sandals and a cropped jacket. Wear it casually with a T-shirt and some sneakers or go all out with a fashionable crop top and a pair of heels. We have to say, the trend is very welcome back, especially in camo print.



They’re not just for Slavic people and they are certainly not just for the track. Another combination of a ‘90s blast and the activewear trend, tracksuits are coming back. And yes, you’re practically obligated to wear a matching set if you want to be full-‘90s, but you can play around with accessories. Put on a cap for a sportier look, or be like Kendall and throw on white heels to leave people wondering whether they have been wearing tracksuits wrong their whole life.


                    Cat-eye sunglasses

These never actually went completely out of style, but they definitely peaked in the ‘90s, and they are looking to come back. The eccentric shape doesn’t suit every face: besides the lucky oval-faced individuals whom can wear any shape they want, the cat-eye can look good on a square and diamond-shaped faces, keeping in mind to get a larger pair to prevent your face from looking unbalanced. For an extra touch of retro, make sure you go for a turtle frame with dark brown lenses – if Gomez can do it, so can you!

Whether or not these throwback trends will stick will depend on how much people actually want to wear them and whether or not big retailers accept the trend and dust off the old designs. The plus with this is that ‘90s clothing is almost universally comfortable and casual, something a lot of people today are looking to fill their closets with. One thing is for sure: not all of these trends will stay in the mainstream, but they will definitely stay in the hearts of ‘90s kids, as well as those now experiencing it for the first time.


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