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The first association to summer skin is glowy, tan, and beautiful complexion. However, summer can make our skin suffer as well, due to salt, sun, chlorine, and heat. That is why extra care is needed, especially if you want glowing, soft skin. So, to help you achieve it, here are some tips and tricks you can start using. 

Protection for your skin

The first and most important thing you can do for your skin during the summer months is protect it from UV rays and with it, from aging. Sunscreen is the basic care you should have. You are supposed to use it before going out into the sun, and even under makeup, which doesn’t protect your face. Even if your foundation or face cream has SPF, a sunscreen is a must. Because of the heat and humidity, you should hydrate your skin from the inside too, and protect it that way. And the best way to do it is to drink lots of water.

Daily care for your skin

Caring for your skin during summer doesn’t have to be extensive and complicated, because with a few easy steps, it can be glowy and clear. You should think about changing your face wash and pick a hydrating one since your skin can get pretty dry during summer. Make sure it is soft as well because you are going to use it every day. A good way to know you have cleaned your face thoroughly from the dirt and makeup is to use a Foreo or any face brush. After this, you can use a toner, and since our goal is to get glowy skin, avoid the ones with alcohol. Look for rose oil, aloe vera, glowing toners, and pore refining ones. After this, a hydrating moisturizer is all you need. Aqua bomb, water-infused, gel creams with a cooling effect, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid – those are all the ingredients and labels you should look for if you want proper summer care. They are lightweight, and won’t feel heavy on the skin, but will hydrate it enough. 

Additional care 

Summer will take a toll on your skin, so it is advisable to add some extra steps to your daily skincare routine. This means using scrubs before your regular skincare. Charcoal and sugar scrub, for example, is a great choice for all skin types, and it will get rid of all the dirt, leftover makeup, and sebum from your skin, leaving it fresh, smooth, and able to absorb the following products better. You should use this no more than 2 times a week. Another step you can add to the routine for glowing skin is face masks. Sheet masks have become so popular, they are easy to use, and they hydrate your skin profusely bringing back the natural glow and tenderness. A good tip is to keep them in the fridge and use them cold for extra refreshment. 

Summer makeup routine

Your summer makeup should definitely be a bit different if you don’t want to burden your skin with layers, and heavy feeling. But makeup is a great way to get glowing skin. If you don’t know for sure what to get, look for makeup online in Australia since we all know how much Australian women take care of their skin all year long. Make sure you use a light foundation or BB cream, shimmery bronzer, a peachy blush, and highlighter to give you the ultimate glow. 

Taking care from the inside

We have already mentioned how drinking water is important for glowy, plump skin. However, there are some more steps you can take. Taking vitamins and supplements is a great tip, which will not only help your skin but your overall health as well. Vitamins C, E, B, and D are the most important ones. Together will collagen peptides, and biotin, you will get the perfect, healthy, glowing skin.

Some extra steps in your summer skincare and makeup routine will ensure you have the skin you always dreamed of. Don’t forget the most important parts are hydrating and protection. And then, enhance your natural beauty with some soft makeup.


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